Can a psychotherapist help me?

You may be unsure whether your particular issue can be helped by therapy with a psychotherapist, or at some level you might think that therapy might be for ‘other people’, and wonder whether it’s right for you. If that’s the case, try not to worry, that’s where our initial phone chat comes in, it gives a chance for you to tell me a little about what is going on in your world, and an idea of what it feels like to talk with me.

Everyone who comes to therapy is unique, and whatever they bring is unique too.

A tiny snapshot of the kinds of issues clients might bring includes the following –

• Challenges brought about by Covid-19- our new normal, and how it is affecting your life and possibly your relationships.

• Adapting to the new normal – many of us have spent lockdown questioning aspects of our lives, and want to explore possibilities before making life changing decisions.

• Furloughing and redundancy – not working, working from home, potential or real loss of employment, all have an impact on our sense of identity and self -worth.

• Relationships – starting with our relationship with ourself, our parents, our life partners, our children, our friends our co- workers, and our community.

• Bereavement and loss in all its’ painful forms, and our experience of grief and beyond.

• Divorce and the end of precious relationships – the ‘what next?’ questions when we can’t imagine our future.

• Financial difficulties- the shame and secrecy that they are so often wrapped up in.

• Anxiety, depression or loneliness- so isolating and debilitating.

• A general sense that something in your life is not as you would like it to be…

There’s never an invalid reason why a person might seek therapy from a psychotherapist.

You can find some great information on the NHS website about psychotherapy here:

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