I’m Libby and I am a psychotherapist offering short term and long term private psychotherapy.

As a psychotherapist I am able to work one to one with my clients in an empathic, grounded and nurturing way, whatever reason has brought them to therapy with me.

Short term therapy can give clients clarity and the tools they need to manage a specific issue, longer term therapy can bring about new understandings, increased self-worth, personal and emotional growth and the ability to make new life choices and changes.

I hold my client’s best interests at heart, and my dearly held goal is to see my clients flourish.

My therapy practice is backed by my ongoing advanced UKCP accredited training at SCPTI, my ongoing professional supervision, and by my wealth of life experience, including my previous business career.

You can find more about the UKCP here: https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/about-ukcp/

Libby Warden Psychotherapist Signature
Libby Warden. Psychotherapist and counsellor in Somerset and Bristol

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