I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships recently and I don’t think that I’m alone. Relationships are always complex, and many are hugely impacted by the new normal.

You may desperately wish you could be with your loved ones. You might desperately crave some space from your family or partner. Remote working, furlough, having no work puts strain on relationships.

Many of us are asking ourselves questions about our lives, perhaps in ways that we haven’t before.  And for some, those questions might lead us to think about making fundamental decisions and changes.

The breakdown of a relationship, whether it’s a marriage or not, is almost never pain free.  The grief and sadness and feelings of loss can at times feel overwhelming.


I walk every day. It never fails to make me feel better, both physically and mentally. I dress for the weather, and to quote Nike, I ‘Just Do It’. For half an hour to an hour, each day, outside. I’d recommend it to everyone.

I’d love to hear how you get on.


I’ve just finished reading ‘Wintering’ by Katherine May. It’s a perfect book to remind you to take care of yourself, particularly as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder.

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